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Is fine hair the same as thin hair?

If you have a fine hair, then you are blessed and the fine hair is naturally smooth, silky and always responds well to the heat styling easily and perfectly. Fine hair describes the texture of the hair and which is classified in terms of circumference, diameter, or width of the actual strands of your hair.

For determining the differences between fine hair and thin hair, you can have a simple hair texture test. Pluck a strand of your hair, keep it between your fingers, and rub it if you are not able to feel it then the strands of your hair are fine or if you feel very lightly then have a medium hair and if it feels very thick or coarse then you have coarse hair.

Difference between fine hair and thin hair

The differences between fine hair and thin hair are depends on the density and the width where fine hair means that the strands of your hair is tiny. You can have a lot of fine hair but it is known as if you have thin hair that is referred to as the amount of hair that you have.

For determining the width of the hair to know whether the fine hair the same as thin hair, a strand of the thread will be a good option for comparison where if the width of your individual strands is smaller than the thread then you have fine hair rather than coarse and medium. The way your hair feels will help you to figure out whether your hair is fine or not. Fine hair will typically feel silkier and it gets to slip out of the hair tie as that is its job as it holds better moisture than coarse or medium hair though it is very weak.

The thin hair refers the density of the individual strands of your scalp that is in easy words, how much amount of hair you have an amount of hair you have on your scalp or head.

hair textureAdvantages of having fine hair

Your hair will dry fast as it is very fine and there will be no arm cramps after you have finished your styling to the hair. Less hair sweat and there is no ponytail or bun headaches and where you can totally nail the trend as you have fine hair.


No matter what type of hair you have, always you have to refer to your stylish or need to have a vocabulary talk that guides you in choosing the apt or correct product for strengthening your hair.

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