How to determine your skin undertone and overtone?

Generally, understanding the original colour of your skin is basically on finding the undertone of your skin. This is a key to purchase the right foundation shade and then make a spotless makeup appearance. Before buying and using any skin product, first, you have to understand the difference between undertone and overtone and then decide the colour analysis of your skin. If you wear any form of face makeup at all, it is important to understand your skin tone at first in order to discover the perfect shade of concealer and foundation.

colour beneath the skin

As name indicates, the undertone is a colour beneath the skin. The undertone of each individual assembles anywhere on a band of cool to warm. Once you know your undertone, you can remove any colours, which have contradictory undertone. You can also view where the entire colours in spectrum can sit on a colour wheel in this graphic. If you are warm, you can remove the entire colours on a cool side. If you are cool, you can remove the warm colours.

Differences between skin undertone and overtone

makeup appearanceIn general, the differences between skin undertone and overtone look cute straightforward. Both undertone and overtone are used more or less interchangeably. If you have cool undertones, the foundation must appear lightly and pinkish in a bottle. If your undertone is warm, the foundation shade must have a subtle golden or yellow tone. If you have deep to medium skin colour with a reddish undertone, you will appear good with a foundation, which has a clue of brownish red.


Hence, determining your undertone needs a small work than your overtone. You can make use of many perfect methods. You need to spend enough time to determine your perfect skin tone and it takes some patience, time and also choose right products to match your hue.

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