5 tips for autumn skincare routine

Autumn is a perfect season of the year to support your skin renews itself. At the time of October and November, the normal temperature will allow the skin not to be feeling very criticized. The dryness, skin tightness and seasonal breakouts can place a dampener on this changing season. Therefore, the fall skincare routine is very effective on this season.

How to determine your skin undertone and overtone?

Generally, understanding the original colour of your skin is basically on finding the undertone of your skin. This is a key to purchase the right foundation shade and then make a spotless makeup appearance. Before buying and using any skin product, first, you have to understand the difference between undertone and overtone and then decide the colour analysis of your skin.

lipstick makeup

5 easy ways to choose dry lipstick

In the girl’s makeup kit, lipstick plays a vital role and there are different shades and colors of lipsticks available to enhance your beauty. There are both dry and sticky lipsticks available. The smudged lipstick is not suitable for all situations so most of the girls and women are looking for right shade of lipstick which is smudge free.

How to make lashes grow fast?

Eyes play a major and great role in people’s perception of overall beauty which means when you are having beautiful eyes and then it is a big deal from beauty point of view. Many women turn to use the eye liners and eye shadows to enhance their beauty of the eyes.

hair fall

10 causes of hair loss in autumn

Hair loss may occur gradually or suddenly and while some kinds of hair are permanent, some kinds of hair are temporary. It is completely normal to shed a certain amount of days, but is your hair falls significantly on more amounts than the usual, then it needs to be worried and distress.

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